Last day activity and final thoughts

Here we are last day. Before we left : another activity 😉

With 5 euros students had to negotiate in Spanish with market traders and come back with as many items as possible. The winning team : Connor, Dan, Lottie , Sophie and Sammi won with the grapes 🍇. Afterwards the students decided to give the food to a homeless lady who could not believe her luck. What a lovely thought!

My favourite part of the trip was visiting the school because all the people were so lovely. I also really enjoyed the flamenco dancing – I had such an amazing time! Tilly B

My favourite part of the trip was the school as well as I made so many friends which I’m still in contact with and it was an amazing experience-Mia

My favourite part of the trip was becoming closer to people I wouldn’t usually talk to at school. I also really enjoyed the flamenco dancing. This trip has been a amazing experience- Tilly C

I loved visiting the gardens of the Alcazar with orange trees, honeysuckle and palm trees with nesting green parakeets. The climb up the minaret tower in the Cathedral in Seville with views right across the city was spectacular and I was thrilled to finally visit the Grand Mezquita in Còrdoba which was every bit as magical as I had hoped it would be. I also can’t let this trip go without mentioning the amazing food at every turn, particularly tapas opportunities. It’s been wonderful. HC

My favourite part of the trip was when we visited the Spanish school. It was really overwhelming seeing the differences between my school and the Spanish school and all of the students were really welcoming and friendly. Overall though the trip has been fantastic and everything has been great especially the food – Dan

My favourite part of the trip was visiting the historic monuments like the gardens of Alcazar and the Mezquita-catedral. The food was fantastic at every restaurant we went to. – George

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to Córdoba, which had a beautiful cathedral for three different religions. It was interesting seeing the difference between the cathedral in Gloucester and the one in Córdoba. Also the school was a great experience and I hope to keep in touch with all the friends I made. – Caitlin

The trip for me was an amazing experience going to south of Spain instead of east and seeing the difference in cultural history and beliefs my favourite part was going to the Spanish school, we made so many friends and had such a good time, anyone who is reading this I would one hundred percent recommend this as a holiday. – Harvey

The part of the trip that I enjoyed a lot was going to Spanish school where we ate churros drank hot chocolate and taught them “Cha-Cha Slide” also we talked. I enjoyed it because they followed me on Instagram and I got a lot of followers. -Sami

The part of the trip that stood out to me the most is when visited the cathedral in Seville, this was my favourite part because buried inside the cathedral was Christopher Columbus. I enjoyed when we walked up to the top of the cathedral to the bell tower and saw the view, I found it very interesting to see the atmosphere and all the different buildings. -Lottie

My favourite part of the trip was the flamenco dancing lesson because it was because it was fun and I learnt new things. I also thought that the tour through the town and streets of Seville trip was good because we found out things like, the more mile stones you have the richer you are – Meg

My favourite part of the trip was when we went to Córdoba because it was really beautiful and very different to what I expected I also liked having our free time in the town because I bought lots of nice things 😜. Connie

My favourite part of the trip was going around the streets of Seville because they were so colourful and lively and I really liked seeing all the orange trees planted around the city because they were beautiful with oranges all over them – Tashi

The best part of the trip I think was doing all the Spanish activities like the flamenco dancing, as it was really interesting learning other things that I wouldn’t usually do- Emma

I loved when we went to Córdoba because it was really beautiful and very different to anything that you would see in England. All the buildings are stunning and seeing the orange trees everywhere was a bonus. Overall the trip was incredible!!💕 Ella

My favourite part of the trip was going to the school. This was such an amazing experience and I love meeting new people. I also loved the flamenco lesson, it was really visiting Córdoba fun and I learnt lots of new steps – Rosie

My favourite part of the trip was visiting the cathedral mosque because it was so unique and was really beautiful. I also really enjoyed going to the Spanish schools and meeting all the people, and eating churros and chocolate – Sophie

The food was fantastic. Great restaurants serving local food so that we had a really traditional experience everyday. The tapas was amazing. We visited so many beautiful sites around the city that were really inspirational and great for the artists amongst the group. Mr East

My favourite part of the trip was when we visited Córdoba. Especially when we visited the cathedral that was built into a mosque. The food there was really good in both the restaurants and in the hotel. Going to the school was also a highlight meeting all the Spanish kids. – Connor

My favourite part of the trip was visiting the Spanish school and getting to know the children, they were all so lovely and it was great fun finding out differences between our two cultures. I also loved the flamenco dancing, it was really nice to try new things. This trip has been a very good experience and one that I will never forget💗-Emelie

Loved the group! You were fun to be with and really embraced the cultural experience 😄 🤗🤗🤗🤗You can all be my shadows 🤣🌚

Day 4 trip to Córdoba

After doing research on Córdoba’s history and famous philosophers, beautifully modelled by Sophie, Emilie and Lottie we went on to visit this beautiful town.

We then ate in a typical restaurant with different tapas and flavours. Some students really enjoyed calamares, great to see students having a go at tasting new dishes. A surprisingly tasty dish was the deep fried fried aubergines with a honey and molasses sauce , not one for ms Colson🤢.